OUR STORY: It all started in 2012...Would you believe we started out as a CLC blocks manufacturers and suppliers? It's true; however, we miserably failed to produce quality CLC blocks for next 6 months. After multiple failed attempts and coarse correction we had realized the fact that there were "NO MACHINERY AND REALIABLE CHEMICALS' in the market that are specially designed for the production of 'FOAM CONCRETE'.

This is when we decided in 2013 to develop efficient plant machinery and equipment that can produce quality foam concrete products. We started packaging innovations, develop high quality chemicals and design efficient process to create a 'VALUE' to ourselves and our customers.

OUR VISION: To be the world leaders in Lightweight Concrete & Alternate Concrete Technology.

OUR MISSION: We are committed to a sustainable future by adding ‘VALUE’ in economic and environmental improvements.


2013 November: 1st To introduce ‘High Speed Vertical Mixer’ to support 100% homogeneous mix for any density between 200 to 1600 Kg/M³. We hold the record for fasting CLC batching plant in the world.

2014 January: 1st to setup an On-site CLC blocks casting plant for a large integrated township project in Chennai.

2014 August: Developed our own 98% pure Synthetic Foaming Agent that can support variable densities of 600 Kg/M³ to 1600 Kg/M³.

2015 March: Introduced the first-of-a-kind All-in-1 Mobile Foam Concrete Plant. Our Mobile Plant is regarded as most convenient and logical foam concrete production plant with features such as; Plug-n-play, Height adjustable legs, Integrated working platform and wide stairs and semi-automatic controls.

2015 July: Introduced the much awaited product “CLC Pump”. Our pump is designed on the principles of low shearing conveying so that it doesn’t damage the air pockets during pumping procedures.

2016 February: Completed wet sunken area filling for a multi-storied building using Mobile Plant and CLC pump.

2016 December: Carried out first Roof insulation application using Lightweight Concrete and PU membrane as an alternate to tiles laying and waterproofing.

2017 April: For the first time introduced In-situ wall filling using Foam Concrete and PVC Formwork. We had achieved 5000 Square feet wall area with just 4 labors in one day.

2017 July: Beginning of a landmark project of Roof insulation and water proofing treatment using Foam Concrete for a Hydro electricity generating station.

2017 October: Entered the Pre-cast market with Pre-fabricated wall systems and Precast Boundary walls.


Planning: We are not here to push a sale; we are here to help you take informed decision. Be it pertaining to CLC business dynamics or size of operations, we shall take your inputs and present you with detailed fact sheet. We can also help you with bank loan procedures and other central/state government financial assistance schemes.

Commissioning: We do not manufacture machine based on production line system; we manufacture machines against order. We tailor craft plant needs based on customers’ operating procedures. We help you in all ways to set-up your new business; our team can help you with civil work, electrical, erection work and documentation for statutory permissions and approvals.

Training: The most important and beneficial part in associating with us is our training procedures. Knowledge transfer is a key factor as much as our machines; we spend considerable time with you at your location and help you in producing neatly finished quality standard CLC blocks.

Marketing: Our service doesn’t ends with selling you our machines, it is just the beginning of our long term fruitful association, as part of this deal we commit not to supply another plant within the radius of 50Km from your site. Our machines are unique and so are the produced blocks are unique as well. Instead of selling multiple plants in one location we rather focus on promoting your business. Your growth is invariably our opportunity.