Mobile Plant

Fully Automatic Light weight concrete manufacturing unit
  • High Speed Vertical Miixer
  • Foam Generator
  • Air Compressor
  • Slurry Pump
  • Collection Bin
  • Control Panel
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Hydraulic Conveyor
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Water Management
  • Weight Batcing
  • Chemical Tank
  • Critical Management Pack


High Speed Vertical Mixer

  • High speed Mixing enabling quick and faster operations
  • Dry Mix technology helps in reduced cement to water ratio
  • Density ranging from 400 till 1600 can be achieved
  • Pre- Programmed Batch control with Pneumatic Gate valve
  • Capacity: 6 Cubic meter per hour, Power: 5 HP

Foam Generator

  • Special injection techniques in order to obtain consistent and homogenous foam
  • Smart Density Calibration
  • Automatic Timer based control
  • Capacity: 400 LPH, Power : 1.5 HP

Conveying System

  • Hydraulic Twin Hopper Loading system
  • Individual bin for cement and flyash
  • Fully Covered for Dust free operations
  • Capacity: 1 Tonne, Power: 2 HP

Weight Batching

  • Pre-Programmed batching
  • Intelligent weight management system
  • 1 Tonne Load cell with Isolated display
  • Over load warning system

Concrete Pump

  • Specially designed for Light weight concrete
  • Density loss limited not more than 1.2%
  • Capacity: 6 cubic meter per hour
  • Power: 5 HP
  • Pumping distance Horizontal: 60 meters, Vertical: 30 meters

Collection Bin

  • Secondary Collection bin attached to Pump
  • 500 litres tank helps in continuous operation
  • Intelligent dry run protection system


  • Dual Piston Engine air compressor
  • 160 litres isolated pressure build up tank
  • Auto Cut off and safety pressure release valve
  • Automatic water/moisture release drain’
  • Capacity: 13 CFM Power: 3HP

Control panel

  • Standalone motor controls
  • Solid state motor overload relays
  • Operator interface and instrumentation panels
  • Pre-programmed using logic circuits
  • 7inch Touch screen interface
  • Pre-configured batching
  • Process indicators and

Chemical Tank

  • 100 litres chemical mixing tank
  • Stage wise level indicators
  • Low level warning system
  • Slow speed agitator

Chemical Dosing

  • Electronic dosing for foaming agent
  • PLC based chemical injection
  • Automatic ratio-based dilution
  • Dry run protection warning
Mixer Capacity


Material Conveyor

Smart Loader

Automation Level


Continuous Production Per Shift

30 Cubic Meters

Pump Configuration

4M³ per hour

Vertical Limit

30 meters

Horizontal Limit

100 meters

Primary Application

Cast In-situ

End Products

Wall fillings using Formwork, Sunken Filling, Roof Insulation, Flooring, Back Filling, Cast at site Blocks manufacturing, etc.



Silo Attachment


50 Cubic Meters

6M³ per hour

50 meters

150 meters

Precast Tilt-up

Tilt-up Wall Panels, Precast Fencing Systems, Large scale blocks manufacturing.



Silo Attachment


100 Cubic Meters

12M³ per hour

100 meters

200 meters

Cast In-situ

Tilt-up Wall Panels, Two-way Wall Panels, Sandwich Panels, Hallow-core Panels, Precast Fencing Systems, Free Standing Walls, Blocks Manufacturing, etc.